To My Husband on Father’s Day

Let me just start by saying you are the best.

You are simply the best person I know.  You are the best at making me laugh.  You are the best at making me feel beautiful.  You are the best at making me feel capable.  And you are the best at making me feel loved.

These last two years have brought some unbelievably difficult moments.  You astounded me in how you loved me during that time.  When I was losing it in a hormonal-overload tension attack, you held my arms against my side and soothed me.  You got home from work early to plug in the lavender oil, lay out a blanket and get my book ready so I could feel relaxed the minute I walked in the door.  When I felt like I was breaking, you told me I was a superhero.

You are also the most playful person I know.  You celebrate the small things and find joy in the hard things.  Your silliness is a constant blessing to me!

You are the hardest worker I know.  You constantly look for ways to be helpful, even when it’s not your responsibility.  You are so generous in making yourself available to others.  I know you would do anything to provide for our family, and I can’t tell you the peace that gives me as your wife.

You refuse to fight with me ever.  Even when something’s my fault, you set the tone in bringing us back to peace.

When I think of the kind of husband every girl deserves — the kind of man I hope every girl waits for — I think of you. You make it your priority to actively celebrate and champion me.

There are so many reasons you are the best husband.  And it’s those same qualities that are going to make you the best father.  What a lucky baby to score a dad who will be strong and playful, kind and firm, helpful and hardworking.

I am so blessed to anticipate seeing you in your new role.  You’re going to be the best.


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