The undeserved abundance


It’s both of my bosses telling me it’s ok that I may miss some work without much notice next month.  One said she received such grace when she was going through this as a young working woman, and she is passing it on to me.


What my friend gave me when I texted her, asking her to pray as I sat waiting and willing myself not to cry.  She has a baby in the NICU and has had plenty of days worthy of tears.   Though my struggle isn’t life/death as hers has been, she didn’t compare our pain.  She gave me the encouragement and wisdom she had.


It’s one of my best friends always asking about us, listening to treatment options and prayer requests even though big transitions are happening for her right now too.  It’s her not mentioning when I forget to ask about the kids, knowing I love them but that some days my mind is one-tracked.


It’s my mentor from Auburn telling me that just because we’re hurting doesn’t mean we stop ministering to others.  As she sat there with her family walking through fire, she asked me how things were going as a young wife.  How could she help me?  “No, it’s ok that we’re here,” she said.  “If I waited for the right time to give myself to others, I’d never give at all.”


It’s the things we don’t deserve.  It’s the above-and-beyond we didn’t expect.  For me right now, it’s the surprise each time I learn someone we’ve loved or someone we just met has walked in these shoes and we never knew.  God crossed our paths in other ways and now we have even more people to stand by our side.

If grace is the abudance we don’t deserve and can’t imagine, I can only dream of what that means for the rest of our story.  Even as we move forward with new plans, we can let go of our expectations and, instead, hold our hands out to accept His grace.


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