One purpose of our trial

Even though we’ve been on this road for awhile, today is the first day I feel like a  card-carrying member of the infertility club.  Once you move up to the level of specialists and traveling three hours for tests, I think it’s safe to say it’s official.

I’ve recently started following some infertility organizations online.  It’s helpful to have access to others’ experiences and be able to ask them questions.  I’ve also realized that God can use me in these virtual communities to be a witness to the hope and joy He offers couples traveling this road.

When I’m on one of these Facebook pages or in a forum, I have felt compelled to answer questions in a way that brings the focus to God.  When an organization asked its followers for some good news anyone had received recently, I found myself responding how God has given us fresh peace about His goodness and His plan for our family — that no matter what the outcome of this road, He is good and we are loved by our Creator.  Hundreds of women see these comment threads.  What an opportunity to testify to God’s goodness to those who may be angry at Him or confused about how He fits into their lives right now.

It’s something I can do.  If we’re going to be members of this “club,” then I am grateful He’s shown us we can be His light in dark places.  We can hopefully be an encouragement to others to turn to Jesus on their own paths.

I don’t know all the reasons He’s given us this challenge.  But I’m choosing to believe that one purpose may be to strategically place two of His children in a community that is often sad and isolating.  This is a closed community that, frankly, you just can’t truly know how to minister in unless you’ve experienced the unique grief and uncertainty.

What if He put us on this path to give us access to and empathy for others who need to be reminded of His eternal goodness?  What if He gave us membership in this “club” so that we could let Him in the door too?

I know on our hardest days, we needed to be reminded of His goodness and mercy regarding His plans for our family.  I’m so grateful for the people who reach out to us with their own encouragement born from the same experience.

You can do this too.  We all face things in life that are difficult, and we all have communities we can impact.  It begins with being willing to share your story and shine His light.  It may be hard to talk about.  Trust me, it is hard sometimes for us to open up.  But when everything else feels out of our control, we know sharing what God is doing through our journey is something we can do.

After all, what if God gives us trials in order to give us access to others in similar situations that need His love?  What if our trials breed empathy and love for others we wouldn’t know how to reach otherwise?

We believe sometimes our trials are God’s opportunities to create testimonies we’d gain no other way.  It’s up to us to complete that purpose by sharing our stories.

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