Not Nothing

FMF | Nothing

Five Minute Fridays — a weekly writing flash mob designed to keep the words coming, no editing, over-thinking, or perfecting allowed!

Nothing can mean emptiness or it can mean resolve. I’m going to choose resolve.

As in, “Nothing can separate me from You.”

Nothing can convince me You don’t hear us. Nothing can persuade me that You won’t be good to us. Nothing can make me believe You aren’t here.

My body feels empty some days. There’s nothing in that place where we long for something.

But my heart is not empty because You live there.  There is not nothing because there is always You.  And You are everything.

This week, You reminded us that You hear our cry and are moving us forward.  You proved to me that there is not nothing at the end of our prayers.  There is You.  Because You are with us and because You love us, our hearts and our souls will always be alive with hope.

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