Easter People

FMF | Glue

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Lent is a time for brokenness.  A time for realizing how flawed we are within ourselves, leaving us humbled.

This Lent has been really powerful for Charlie and me.  We’ve had three specific situations that have been difficult over the last couple of months — things that frustrated, confused, and saddened us.  We had been praying about them for awhile, but it just seemed like they all reached their peak of stress around the same time.

Then we realized we hadn’t truly surrendered them to the Lord.  Though we were praying, we still weren’t approaching them from a place of total surrender.

As we talked one night on the couch, we realized that we had come to the end of what we could offer to the situations.  We were out of ideas and out of strength.  We gave these broken things to the Lord, because we finally saw that we hadn’t truly released them to Him.

Then He came.

He came and began glueing broken pieces back together through His love and grace.  He literally turned one struggle around in a day.  Another, he brought opportunity after opportunity in an area of our lives that has felt bone dry.  In the last place, He brought unspeakable hope in the form of a phone call.

We were broken, and He allowed us to persist in our own ability because He wanted us to come to the end of ourselves.  We didn’t realize we were even doing this until we found ourselves exhausted and still unfulfilled.

I think it’s so sweet that He allowed us to start Lent deep in these struggles.  He showed us our need for Him as we gradually approached Easter.  He brought hope, life and strength into areas that were beginning to feel dead — and what a special time to realize He does that for us every day throughout our entire lives.

As I sit here on this Good Friday, I’m so grateful that Jesus allowed Himself to be broken so that He could become the glue that holds us together.  We are truly Easter people.


4 thoughts on “Easter People

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart and part of your journey over the season of Lent. We were faced with a similar situation, put into a place of choosing our own strength or surrender. Isn’t it amazing what happens with the surrender? The Glue gets to do its purpose! Have a blessed Easter! (*We aren’t traveling nurses, but are about to embark on a new season of traveling around the world as a family. Thank you for what you have written here as words of encouragement to my heart on that end…)

  2. I love keeping up with you through your entries. Thank you for sharing your Faith. By sharing yours, you are strengthening mine.
    Love and miss you.

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