The Joy of Here

Five Minute Friday | Joy

Joy. I’ve been searching for you lately. We were riding on happiness for a little while and then we ran into a tough road. Nothing really changed, but it was just hard there for a little bit.  Lonely, frustrated, a little resentful, and confused.

I remember saying we’d find a deep well of joy here.

I lost it for a few days.  I still have to remember to pick it up every morning.  It’s not coming in the ways we imagined, but I’m learning that doesn’t mean it’s not here.

It’s here in our afternoon walks with a happy new dog.  It’s here in our Saturday mornings under the covers.  It’s here in taking 30 kids out for DQ blizzards.  It’s here when a little girls feels comfortable enough to open up about some real struggles.

Joy.  It’s here.  Not in the way I thought, but it is.  It’s here because You’re here.

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