Five Minute Fridays | Willing

Before yesterday, I hadn’t written anything in over a month. I want writing to be a larger part of my life someday, and that has to begin by making a little more room for it every day.

So welcome to Five Minute Fridays — a weekly writing flash mob designed to keep the words coming, no editing, over-thinking, or perfecting allowed!


Today’s Prompt:  Willingwilling

I just finished a Bible study on the book of Ruth.  We spent six weeks pouring over just four short chapters.  I remember Ruth always being taught as a book of romance, but this time I was struck by something completely different.  Ruth started out in an ordinary situation, but the extraordinary choices she was willing to make are what set her apart in history.

Ruth and her sister-in-law Orpah each lost their husbands.  Their mother-in-law, Naomi, was leaving their homeland of Moab to return to her own native ground, Israel.  They wanted to go with her.  She said no.  She asked if she could give them more sons or a better future.  What did she have for them that they should come?

Orpah hugged her and turned around, unwilling now to go.  Unwilling to hope that something beyond what she could see in her sensical mind might be waiting.

Ruth, knowing Naomi didn’t have anything for her now, was willing to give to Naomi what she had:  love and presence.  She went to Israel, willing to leave her family and her homeland behind to be with a woman she loved.

When they got to Naomi’s homeland, it was Ruth who was willing to do the work to provide for her.  She didn’t expect Naomi to carve out a life for them even though this was her familiar territory.  Ruth went to work in the fields early in the morning and worked with little rest.  It was here that she met Boaz, the man who would redeem her and her mother-in-law.  The man with whom she’d have a child that would be in the geneology of Christ.

Ruth’s willingness to do the hard things put her in a position to be blessed by God.  She willingly went with Naomi out of love and respect.  She willingly worked without complaint because she didn’t expect anything from anyone.  Orpah, because of her unwillingness to take a step in faith, isn’t mentioned again in Scripture.

These last six weeks, I’ve asked God to make me more willing in the areas where I’m tempted to hold back.  More willing to give my time.  More willing to give my energy.  More willing to give my love.

I ask Him for blessings.  I need to be willing to put myself in the field where I am to receive them, just like Ruth.

One thought on “Five Minute Fridays | Willing

  1. It’s amazing how we think that being willing is solely a heart issue. It’s got so much more to do with our actions! Great reminder today! Visiting from fmf

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