This is where the story begins

This December has been a jam-packed one at our house. I know most families are super busy during the holiday season, but it’s really our first time experiencing the rush.

One thing we’ve tried to make time for is working through an Advent Bible reading list together. For most of the month, we’ve been reading various verses from Isaiah or Psalms fortelling Jesus’s birth and purpose. A few mornings ago, our reading list lead us to the first chapter of Luke. We read about Zechariah being visited by an angel in the temple and learning his wife would have a son named John.

When we finished, Charlie said, “I think from here on out, we’re reading the story of Christ’s birth.”

The funny thing was, nothing we just read said anything about Jesus. It was all about Zechariah’s family and an unlikely pregnancy for his wife Elizabeth. We didn’t even read about Mary yet.

But we of course knew it was the start of the Christmas story. We know the whole history already, so it was easy to recognize this as the beginning even though the obvious cues (Mary, Jesus, three wise men!) hadn’t shown up yet.

Yet for the people who lived it, they couldn’t have known yet that this was the beginning. They didn’t know that what the Lord had planned long ago was now being set in motion on earth. They couldn’t have recognized that their very lives were being used to write the next chapter of God’s salvation story for the world.

It feels the same for us sometimes.

We may not know what “chapter” we’re on right now.  It feels like random things are happening (or not happening), but in a few weeks, months, or years, we may look back on this time and see how God was just about to turn the page in our story. What seems insignificant or confusing now may be the exact moments we look back on and say, “That’s the point where our story of (insert blessing, testimony or lesson here) began…”

Zechariah and Elizabeth couldn’t have known Christ’s story on Earth was beginning in those days. Some of our days feels random and confusing too.  We pray for something and it seems like the Lord isn’t doing anything.  Yet He may be doing things that seem totally unrelated but are actually the opening lines of the next chapter.

I’m just thanking Him in advance for the future blessing of reading the whole story.

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