Free to Roam

Sometimes I forget that I’m in a relationship with God.  Just like frienships and family relationships evolve with different seasons, so does my relationship with Him.

Charlie and I are in a new season, and we’re finding that the way God interacts with us now is different than the past couple of years.

When we were travel nursing, following God meant being on a short tether.  The road was so narrow, the cliffs so high, that He had to show us each and every step or we would fall.  Like a father tells a child to step exactly where he steps when they’re walking a treacherous trail, we needed precise direction from God at every turn.

The place He’s led us to now is different.  He’s not outlining every step, but giving us the freedom to roam within His will.

It’s like a parent and child coming into a wide meadow.  The parent says, “As long as you stay within this space, go run around!  I’m with you here, and it’s all ok for you to explore.”

So, we don’t have to wait for specific instructions to go reach out to the neighboring project community.  That’s part of the space God has brought us to, and His Word clearly says it’s good to minister in that way.

My prayer is becoming, “Lord, we see Your people there and we want to go be with them.  Come with us, open the doors and let’s meet them together.”

God has brought us to the boundaries of Camilla and said,“This is where we’re going to be awhile…go roam around, explore, serve in the areas you’re passionate about and I’ll be with you here.”

He still guides us, but sometimes it’s more like Him walking beside us than protectively in front.  I feel like we come back to Him, breathless from exploring, excited about seeing new opportunities, and say, “Father, I saw these people today and I want to help.  Come with me and help me think of some ways to love them.”

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