Thinking About…

An assortment of things we’re thinking about lately…

….Generosity. We have some crazy generous people in our church and it blows us away every time they choose to bless the youth ministry.  I’m normally not a fan of peeling potatoes, but I’ll gladly do it for a man whose idea raised us more than $1000.

.Family.  Charlie’s parents made a short trip to Camilla this week, and it was wonderful to show them our new home.  It made me hope they’ll be back many, many times once his dad retires.  My parents are coming on November 8, which happens to be my dad’s birthday.  Planning and cooking his birthday meal is like a birthday gift for me too!

….Chili.  Want to know how many different ways you can make essentially the same thing?  Just try picking a recipe for a chili cookoff.  And if you live in Camilla, this is a shameless plug to vote for the bank on Tuesday night!

Little girls.  Specifically, our nieces.  It’s killing us that our family just grew by two whole people — two giggly, adorable, beautiful people — but we haven’t met them, hugged them, tickled them, taken them for ice cream cones, etc.

Running.  As in, my physical therapist is dropping hints that I’m not going to be doing it anymore.  Thanks rigid spine and back pain.  My bike thanks you but I’m thinking my current pants size won’t.

Compassion.  I’m doing a Kelly Minter study on Nehemiah with a wonderful group of ladies and it’s all about letting God break your heart for people.  Nehemiah is a great example of what happens when our broken hearts pair up with an unwavering determination.

Change.  It’s not just the temperatures changing around here, though that is definitely happening and it’s definitely making me want to marry my porch — or at least sit with the person I married on my porch.  God’s changing some things for us that feel so right yet also produce some new challenges.  I don’t know how it will make sense on paper.  I’m glad He’s built a trust in us that empowers us to take leaps into directions only He can fully see.

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