Mountain Sound

“Through the woods we ran, deep into the mountain sound.”  Of Monsters and Men

It’s been on my calendar and on my mind for a couple of months now.  A weekend in the mountains.  Finally, Friday came and we were off!


After some fun Atlanta traffic, we felt ourselves climbing up into the hills as the air turned cool and the colors began to change.  We got into Waynesville after dark and made a quick grocery stop for weekend essentials: cheese, bread, cinnamon rolls and chocolate.  Oh, and milk.

The next morning, I woke up early to sit on the deck and wait for the sun to come up.  The mountains facing me glowed with warm yellows, oranges and reds.  The air was so crisp that I decided 7:30 a.m. was not too early to break in the hot tub.  Charlie woke up and we spent the morning licking cinnamon roll icing from our fingers and reading before heading into town for an art festival.

After excessive toffee sampling, lunch outside and a delicious fried apple hand pie, we headed back to the cabin for some glorious napping and a walk before dinner.  Dressed up, we had a great date in downtown Waynesville at Frogs Leap Public House.


On Sunday, I read my Bible on the deck as the sun came up.  It was fun to hear the birds wake up and start their songs almost the very second the light hit the tree branches.  For breakfast, we rambled over to Barbers Orchard Fruitstand for fresh apple cider donuts and turnovers.  We may have also shared an apple fritter and caramel apple oatmeal cookies.  We had to pay proper homage to the bounty of the season!


With a peach cider slushie in hand, we drove a beautiful section of the Blue Ridge Parkway that looped back to Maggie Valley.  We climbed more than a thousand feet and pulled over several times to inhale the invigorating air and gawk at the patchwork scenery below.  October is a beautiful month in western North Carolina!


As we came back down into the valley, we stopped at more apple stands and ended up with another full bag of different varieties.  It reminded me of the time we went apple picking in Connecticut and almost made ourselves sick trying all the different kinds we’d never heard of before.


We were back at the cabin by 11 am and — wait for it — napped until lunch time.  I always wake up so early no matter what time I go to bed, so having the luxury of a morning nap with the breeze coming in from the deck was like heaven.  For lunch, we stood at the kitchen counter in our socks, stuffing creamy cheese into warm biscuits and digging into into the peach butter we’d bought that morning.  All meals from now on should consist of cheese, warm carbs and fruit butter.  We need to sign that into law.

We spent the afternoon on the deck, wrapped in blankets, talking, reading and just relaxing.  The sun stayed behind low, gray clouds all day, making it feel like the sky was wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket too.


We went for another walk, watched some wild turkeys cross the road, then made an impromptu decision to have dinner at a diner in Maggie Valley.  Charlie had set us up for an awesome evening of s’mores by the fire pit, but the second the fire finally started it began to rain.  So we headed inside for some oven-broiled s’mores and a movie.

I was sad when Monday morning came and we began to pack our things.  After a last look at the mountains around us, we made leaving a little easier with giant pancakes at Joey’s Pancake House.  It was a great send off!

This was our first vacation in a couple of years.  I know that sounds obnoxious and ridiculous considering we spent 18 months taking amazing trips every few weeks.  However, we realized this weekend that those trips were our life then.  Work existed as a break from traveling, not the other way around.  Now that we’re both working five days a week again, this weekend getaway was much more vacation than travel exploration.  The Lord has filled our life with many wonderful things since we settled down, and it’s felt like a little bit of a whirlwind.


A few days of crisp mountain air, a wide open agenda and half a dozen apple cider donuts were just the “recharge” button we needed.  We drove back into Camilla completely reconnected, rested, and ready to focus on what He has us doing this fall.

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