New Things and Old Junk

A couple of new things happened in the last 11 days or so.

1. We bought a house. (internal freak out!)  All the dinners we didn’t go out to, the clothes we didn’t buy, and the money we didn’t blow added up Wednesday before last to a down payment on the cutest little blue-gray house with a screen porch out back.

2.  We enjoyed our first weekend in our first home.  Windows were opened, books were read, naps were had as the first fall breeze stirred our curtains.  We’ve been long overdue for a night out, but it was actually hard to leave Saturday evening.  We just wanted to be home.

3.  I started a ladies’ Bible study last night.  I’ve been craving this since we moved here and, man, it felt good.  We’re going to study Nehemiah and explore how God desires us to not only have compassionate hearts, but to have the kind of compassion that moves us to action on behalf of those around us.

In our discussion last night, Carrie (our pastor’s wife who is also a pastor who is leading the Bible study of ladies from both churches – stillwithme?) mentioned a comment that Charlie made when we were moving into the house.  He said that living in 7 states in 18 months taught us that it’s easy to move when you pack light.

We have given away a ton of stuff in the last two years.  We gave away carloads when we cleared out our storage unit to move to Camilla.  Six months later, we gave away even more when we moved to the house.  I love our uncluttered home.  It’s so restful since it only contains what we really love and not a lot of extra.   Extra stuff makes it hard to move.

Extra stuff in our hearts makes it hard to move too.

That anxiety.  Those fears.  That resentment.  That unforgiveness.  That makes it hard to move forward.  God is calling us to always be forward-focused — maturing in Christ and in our awareness and loving action on behalf of His people.

We can’t take those steps forward with Him if we’re dragging all this stuff along with us.  Even if we can, it drains us to the point of exhaustion because it’s just too heavy.  Even if we can, we take much longer to get there and waste a lot of time.

When God calls me to move, I want to be able to run in the direction He’s going.  I don’t want to limp along because I’m carrying all this junk in my heart.

We took a big car load of “junk” to someone’s house for a yard sale this weekend.  I was so glad to see it gone, I’d have dumped it in the trash if it was faster.  It’s going to take a lot of Jesus, but I’m asking Him to help me dump my heart “junk” just as quickly.   I’ll be glad to see it gone.

Less of it means I’ll get more enjoyment out of what I really love — Him.

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