Daily Gratitude

I’ve noticed I’m asking a lot of God lately.  There are some things we feel we need, and so we’re making some big requests.  But in the midst of asking, I’m reminded He gives us some awesome blessings every day.  Such as…

Time spent with extended family.  I’m always blessed with any time we get to spend in Ocean Springs, but it was really special this past weekend to get to know some of my cousins better.  It’s awesome to realize you’d be friends if you weren’t already family.

Making waffles with Charlie while we watch Game Day (happening today!) – simple time with my husband is the best

A home where we can have new friends over for dinner (also happening today!)

A youth ministers’ peer group where Charlie goes to share ideas, encouragement and prayer

A church family who anticipates our needs and goes far out of their way to bless us

Reading a great book by the soft light streaming in through our guest room window — peace and rest

A women’s Bible study starting soon — I miss opening Scripture with a group of ladies on a regular basis

Growing friendships in the stands of a high school football game on Friday night

Our nieces – we got to FaceTime them in Ocean Springs and we’re even more in love.  Marilyn turned five this week, and her party is today, complete with a bounce house in the backyard.  I love watching my brother and sister-in-law transform into parents

Sometimes it seems selfish to ask God for more blessings when He’s already given us so much.  But I think He is glorified by our sheer delight in Him.  And so I keep asking for more and more, because each time He provides we are reminded again how worthy He is of praise.

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