Rainy seasons

It’s been raining here forever.

We had two days in July without a shower.  It rained all day Saturday, some on Sunday, and – just when I thought we were on the other side of it – it started pouring last night again.  When people run into friends in the bank, I always hear their conversation turn to the rain.

When do you think it’ll let up?  How much did your land get?  I heard so-and-so’s rain gauge got…  You ever see a wetter summer?

We’re tired of it.  It’s hard to make plans and it stinks being stuck inside a lot.  The streets feel like rivers some afternoons and the fields are full of standing water.

But this morning God used our wet, muddy yard to tell me something about Himself.

As I sat by the window with my coffee, I saw how pretty our neighbor’s roses look with the dew on their petals.  Our yard is looking lush and green (when there’s not muddy footprints through it!).  Even though I don’t understand why we’re getting what seems to be a ridiculous amount of rain, I thanked God for bringing it to us anyway.

He must know we need it.

I can’t see how we benefit from this much water; it seems like we got enough to last us awhile well back in July.  Yet, funnily enough, God hasn’t asked me yet if I think it’s enough.  He keeps sending it.  I don’t think of God as being wasteful, so He must see a purpose in these soakers.  And (surprise surprise) it might be for reasons we won’t necessarily understand.

Sometimes life feels like that.  It feels like we keep getting dumped on or lashed by wave after wave until our souls feel totally saturated and unable to take any more.  Give me a chance to recover, Lord!  Then another wave comes.  We don’t understand how this is doing us any good.  Isn’t it too much, God?  I can’t take this anymore.  I need a break!

Yet, God doesn’t usually answer, “Oh, ok!  I was just going to keep giving you tough situations all willy-nilly, but if you say you’ve had enough, I’ll stop.  Sorry I got a little overexcited there!”

He knows our needs much better than we do.  These waves that seem to overtake us – that flood our spirits and make us feel like we’re drowning – He is using for purposes we can’t see yet.

Maybe He’s flooding our hearts to wash away some lingering impurities.

Maybe He’s allowing us to stand in life’s rainstorm without an umbrella to strengthen us for an even greater flood ahead.

Maybe He’s teaching us to cling to Him so we don’t drown.

God is not wasteful.  He doesn’t bring rain just to cause chaos.  He brings it to feed some need of the earth that maybe we don’t immediately see.   It’s the same with us.  We may not understand why it feels like we go through hard thing after hard thing.  But we can trust that it’s not meant to cause chaos in our lives.

If you’re still going through it, then He is still using it for His purpose.  That’s just how He works.  When it’s worked His purpose in your life, He’ll move you past it.  Until then, hold on to Him so you don’t drown.

Even when we’re walking through a season of life that feels muddy and unrelenting, we can trust that the hardship of this time will shine like the dew on the roses once the storm clears.

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