When he’s here

Last year I fully realized an obvious truth that I just hadn’t considered before.  When God promises to be with us always, that means everything about His character is with us always too.  Suddenly, “I am with you” became “My love, My comfort, My strength, My protection, My sovereignty, My grace, My forgiveness, My goodness are with you.”  It’s impossible for Him to be with me and these things not follow because they are who He is.  I feel like I finally understand the power of His presence.

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary.  It seems like the only thing that is the same as four years ago today is the fact that Charlie is by my side.  He’s with me always.  And, just like the Lord’s presence, my husband’s presence has power in my life.  His presence brings the endless blessings of his character.

So, among a hundred other things, today I’m celebrating the blessings that come along with Charlie when he walks in the room.


When he’s with me, so too are his wisdom, his compassion, his grace, his strength, his generosity, his honesty, his patience and his extreme kindness.

When he’s with me, it’s only a matter of time before we’re cracking up about something.  When he’s with me, I feel cherished and wholly loved.  When he’s here, I feel the security of having a best friend who believes I can do anything.  When he’s with me, my hearts feels at rest.


When he’s here, crazy ideas suddenly seem possible.  Living in 7 states in 18 months? Let’s do it!  When he’s here, scary things turn into wonderful adventures to be explored.

When he’s here, I am not worried about what may happen.


When he’s here, I am home.

Thanks sweet husband for being here and all the joy you carry with you wherever you go!

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