“I’ll Just Do It”

I got to see a perfect picture of the body of Christ this week.

Our church held a vacation Bible school in one of our local housing communities each afternoon.  Several of our youth and adults came each day to love on and serve about 40 kids.  They sang songs, made crafts, ran around outside and sat down to chat over snacks.  They just met every day and enjoyed being together.


And I couldn’t be there for most of it.

That’s not a big deal, except that I kind of organized it.  Well, you know – it was the Lord’s idea and He put it in me.  I got everybody together and said I think we should do this so now…please go do it!

Since it ended up working better for us to hold the vbs in the afternoons, I’ve been at work most of the time they’re there.  When we realized that’s how it would be, I was pretty disappointed.  We have really been wanting to reach out to this community and start making connections with people there.   I prayed about it when we first got here and was excited about the idea of a vbs being our first contact.

Then I essentially couldn’t do it.  I was definitely that girl in school that would sometimes look at her fellow group members and say, “Just sign your name on the back of our report – it’ll just be easier if I do it.”

Except, it’s not easier if I just do it.  It’s easier when the whole body of Christ gets involved and does whatever part they can to make the whole work.  Because when the whole is working, God is getting glory.

With only two weeks to pull it together, a simple note in the bulletin brought forth a lot of enthusiastic volunteers.  It turns out several of them wouldn’t be in town this week, but they wanted to shop for supplies, assemble costumes, research crafts, donate money, etc.  They didn’t let their physical unavailability stop their hearts from being willing to connect with this ministry.


Others have had the availability and faithfulness to be there every day, even though they just got back from a youth camp and have another major youth week starting Sunday.

The Lord used each of us in different ways to make it all come together.   Whether it was to get the ball rolling, help with preparations or actually man a craft station, we had exactly the help we needed.


Since I got there just before they ended each day, I mostly talked to the kids’ moms.  It turns out there’s a lot of other ways we can serve them.  I’m excited to be praying for direction in starting a women’s Bible study, organizing moms’ night outs, and hopefully plugging some of their youth into our ministry.  As much as my heart is dying to more personally connect with them, I know I’ll have to miss some of that.

But I saw it proved again this week that God has called us to a wonderful body of Christ at Camilla UMC.   From beginning to end, every person was willing to do what they could to keep the whole thing moving along for His glory.

Thank God He doesn’t call any of us to just do it alone!

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