The Magic Hour

My favorite time of day is just before the sun comes up over the trees.  The air is soft, the neighborhood is quiet, and nothing has happened yet to direct the day one way or the other.  My family has always called it the “magic hour.”

Then, the sun begins to slowly spread its rays through the pine trees.  From where I sit at our guest room window, the garden outside begins to take a little more shape.  Details come into focus.  Colors are still muted, but shapes begin to sharpen.

Then, all of a sudden, the trees turn a warm brown.  The sun rises to my right and everything to my left suddenly reflects its warm, comforting glow.  The light has come and the hydrangeas, the grass – everything – shows off its full beauty in the risen sun.

“You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.”  2 Samuel 22:29

There are a couple of things Charlie and I have been on our knees in prayer over.  As someone who always wants to know what will happen next, it’s been hard to wait in the unknown.

But, this morning, God showed me that it’s not unknown to Him.  It’s not his darkness – it’s mine.  And being in the dark isn’t bad.  It’s simply that we’re waiting in the pre-dawn moments before His light arrives to illuminate our hearts with His will.

It’s not a scary place – it’s a still place.  It’s not despairing – it’s as hopeful as the early morning.  The air is soft, not suffocating.

He is our light, and He will come as surely as the morning.  When He is ready, His plan will dawn in our hearts and cast its beautiful glow.  We’ll look ahead of us and see the places He’s prepared, the details focused, warm and beautiful in the light of His love.

But for now, we’re in the “magic hour” with God – the pre-dawn where we’re meant to enjoy the quiet, claim the peace and wait in hope.  I never worry that the sun won’t rise.  Lord, help me not worry that You won’t come.

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