“I keep the ends out for the tie that binds.” – Johnny Cash

We’ve been “home” for three weeks.  When I just re-read that sentence, I was a little stunned that it’s only been that long – that we can change our entire life in just a matter of days.  Even though everything has changed for us, our lives’ most important anchors have held steady and  made the transition pretty seamless.  I’d walk through anything with my Jesus, my husband, and my family by my side.

We got to Camilla just in time to celebrate Easter with our new church family.  It was great to worship Jesus’ gift of new life in our new home!  That afternoon, we drove to Charlie’s parents’ home in Dadeville so that we could squeeze in a visit before going to Auburn to clear out our storage unit.

The storage unit.  All the things we loved enough to save while we traveled, yet many things we learned we don’t need at all!  It was great to get some things back (I’m looking at you king-sized bed, crockpot and comfy couch) and it was also great to fill about four boxes with things to give away.

Unpacking a full U-Haul in Camilla a few days later was mind-boggling compared to how efficient we’d become at simply unpacking our entire life from a single car.  Yet after a few days of going through boxes and arranging everything, I felt “home” in comparison to our apartments over the last 18 months (great as they were!)  Putting old pictures on our walls, snuggling up in soft, worn blankets, and cooking a meal for Charlie with more than one skillet just warmed my soul!

As soon as we returned for good, Charlie dove right into work at the church.  I grinned watching him set up his first office and going through his many, many books that he finally has a place to store.  12-hour days at the hospital have been gratefully exchanged for writing talks, going to track meets, and planning a summer mission trip.  It’s been wonderful to watch God use him in ministry again.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve both said many times that we’ve never seen a more generous church family than the one God has blessed us with here.  In huge ways and small, they have opened their arms and welcomed us like family.  I can’t wait to get to know each family better as we become more woven into the fabric of our community.

The one thing we still weren’t sure of when we moved here was where I would work.  We trusted the Lord would provide for us, but we didn’t exactly see what that might look like in our small town.  I unpacked our last box on a Thursday afternoon and started praying that the Lord would show me what was next.  I had us all settled in and now I could think about work.

The next morning, I got a phone call from the main bank in town saying our pastor had given them my resume and they had some marketing projects piling up.  Would I come in for a meeting?  Four hours later, I was accepting a job offer.  On Monday morning, I was sitting at my desk as the new Communication Coordinator.

I remember going for my morning walks in Florida around the time we decided to stop traveling and search for youth ministry jobs.  No matter how still and peaceful the morning was, worry would usually creep in as I fretted over where I might work.  Luckily, I have seen Him work too many times to not remember that He always provides in exactly the right way and exactly the right time.

He never forgets us.  He never leaves us short.

We prayed the Lord would provide for us here.  As usual, He gave us more than we need and is reaching deep into our hearts’ desires as well.  Luckily, I married a man whose heart’s desires include a simple life of serving Christ, loving me better than I deserve, and driving the backroads of south Georgia in an antique truck as the sun sets through the pecan groves.

So we are homebound now – we’ve left our “ends”, the threads of faith, family, friends, work, community, out for the Lord to weave and tie together into a beautiful new fabric we now call home.

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